Барои ваҳдати миллӣ, сулҳу оромӣ, суботи сиёсӣ, созандагиву ободонӣ, рушди устувори иқтисодӣ ва зиндагии шоистаи мардум!


J.Balkhi. In the framework of the Year of increasing civil responsibility

There was held a political reading at the primary party organization “Maorifchiyon”of Jaloliddin Balkhi District on execution of the practical part of party action “We decide together!”.

At the meeting took part Sulaymonova Lola- Head of the Department of Women Affairs of district Executive Committee of PDPT. She talked about the wise policy of the Leader of nation, dear Emomali Rakhmon and announcement of 2019-2021 “Years of development of villages, tourism and folk crafts” and in connection with the party action under the slogan “We decide together!” were delivered construction materials for repair of school №1 of the district by the initiative of graduates of this institution.


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