Барои ваҳдати миллӣ, сулҳу оромӣ, суботи сиёсӣ, созандагиву ободонӣ, рушди устувори иқтисодӣ ва зиндагии шоистаи мардум!


QUBODIYON.As part of the Year of more recognition of national interests 

A meeting was conducted with voters in an institution for the maintenance of roads in Qubodiyon District in polling station №23.  

At the meeting the party representatives expressed their views on the next Message, and noted that the Message cover all spheres of public life, at which comprehensively conducted analysis of the achievements of the sphere of the national economy, and at the proposal of the Leader of nation 2019-2021 was announced the “Year of development of villages, tourism and handicrafts, so everyone in the country can make a contribution to the implementation of directives and instructions of the Head of state.

In order to implement the recommendations and instructions of the Chairman of Executive Committee of PDPT, resulting from the Message, members of the primary organization “Mir-19” cleared the surroundings of the enterprise, streets and ditches of waste and planted a number of decorative flowers and fruit trees in the light of the party action “We decide together!”.


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