Барои ваҳдати миллӣ, сулҳу оромӣ, суботи сиёсӣ, созандагиву ободонӣ, рушди устувори иқтисодӣ ва зиндагии шоистаи мардум!


HAMADONI.As part of the Year of better recognition of national interests

The responsible employees of district Executive Committee of PDPT organized a meeting with members of the primary organization “Sports school” of Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni District to explain the Message of the Leader of nation to Majlisi Oli, and to promote the pre-election program of PDPT.

In his current Message, the Leader of nation stressed that in the spirit of a high national sense of loyalty to the state and nation, tolerance, patriotism, self-awareness and respect for national values, the education of young people is the most important task of all structures, bodies and the public. Today, there are 10,000 sports facilities in the country, about 2,200 sports facilities were built in 2011-2018, and were repaired and reconstructed 1,059 facilities. In the future, we must also pay attention to mass sports and improvement of a healthy lifestyle.


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