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LEVAKANT. As part of the Year of better recognition of national interests

To promote and clarify the points of the Message of the Leader of nation to Majlisi Oli of the Republic Tajikistan, pre-election programs of PDPT and PDPT candidates to Majlisi Namoyandagon of Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan and local councils of people's deputies, a task force at the Executive Committee of PDPT in Levakant town held meetings and political readings in the primary organizations “Amonatbonk”, “Center for social services at home”, “the Agency of labour and employment of population”, “ADSIN”, “Veterinary”.

At the meeting, the responsible persons stressed that today the Republic of Tajikistan is recognized in the international arena as a country leading a peacemaking and constructive policy.

It was noted that thanks to the policy of “open doors”, which is the essence of international relations of Tajikistan, we were able to establish good relations with most countries of the world and multilateral mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields.


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