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KUSHONIYON.In the framework of the Year of better recognition of national interests

At the initiative of Executive Committee of PDPT in Kushoniyon District, a meeting was held with members of the primary organization “Zafar” of this district to explain the essence of the pre-election program of PDPT, as well as to consider the content of the Message of the Leader of nation, dear Emomali Rahmon to Majlisi Oli.

The responsible persons of party spoke on the content of the pre-election program of PDPT, and noted that PDPT is an active partner in the transformation of the state structure and management of modern society in Tajikistan, could brought the political situation of the country to stability over a short historical period, and have contributed to the consolidation of peace, protection of borders, tranquility and unity of nation.

This meeting was pleasant to the audience, and it was suggested to organize more such events.


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