VAKHSH. As part of the Year of better recognition of national interests

Creative and landscaping works were conducted in the primary organization “Miskinobod” of Vakhsh District with participation of employees of district Executive Committee of PDPT in the light of the party action “PDPT unites!.” 

In the political part of the event, the leadership of Executive Committee, speaking to the audience, noted that elections are one of the main means of determining the will of the citizen in relation to the state, parties, movements, the future of the state and nation, own fine future of and its children, require from each person a deep understanding. This requires every citizen of the country to improve their level of education and political culture. The political campaign elections of people's deputies, which takes place on March 1 this year, certainly shows the progress of the political outlook of young people compared to previous years, especially in 2015. 

The participants declared that they would faithfully serve for the long-term future of their beloved homeland and the progress of modern society.


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