Барои ваҳдати миллӣ, сулҳу оромӣ, суботи сиёсӣ, созандагиву ободонӣ, рушди устувори иқтисодӣ ва зиндагии шоистаи мардум!


YOVON.As part of the Year of increasing civil responsibility

As part of the instructions and orders of the nation's Leader dear Emomali Rahmon and priority areas of PDPT activity on improving the status and position of women – Tajik mothers a meeting was held with participation of women and activists of mahalla in the primary organization “Youth -1” of Pakhtakor village of Sitorai Surkh rural Jamoat of Yovon District.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the party who expressed their views on the issues of education and training of girls, respect for neighboring and related relations, prevention of related marriages, promotion of national values and culture of wearing clothes, removal of culture, proper upbringing of children, prevention of family violence against women and compliance with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the ordering of traditions, celebrations and ceremonies in the Republic of Tajikistan”, and urged those present support today’s policy of state and nation and practically implement instructions and orders in their life.


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