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KULOB. As part of the Year of increasing civil responsibility

The political reading was held in the primary organization “Kaeniyon” of Kulob town on the topic “Culture of using social networks on Internet”.   

First of all, speaking on this issue, the representative of the party noted that in recent years there is a great access of the people to Internet services and social networks, this is a requirement of time and awareness of any internal news and events in the country and abroad. But for some users, it is seen as an entertaining and time-consuming tool that is a misuse and non-invasive use of Internet. Moreover, social networks are associated with the provision of photo-video materials and various games to young people and adolescents, which negatively affects the learning process, their mental thinking. Therefore, we need to step up activities that are not neutral to promote a culture of proper use of Internet and social media to educate young people in the right direction.


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