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JAYHUN.As part of the Year of increasing civil responsibility

There was conducted a propaganda meeting at the primary organization “Homiyon” of Qumsangir rural Jamoat of Jayhun District on priority areas of PDPT activity with participation of responsible employee of district Executive Committee of PDPT.

During the event, the officials spoke in detail about one of the priority areas of PDPT activity and noted that the concept of corruption in society is expressed in various forms, which in general means corruption.

It should be noted that on a global scale, the concept of corruption has been considered in various forms. For example, in United Nations Organization’s  anti-corruption documents understand the meaning as “abuse of state power to generate income for personal gain”. In the documents of the Council of Europe, this concept is slightly broader, that is, it is called “bribery and other actions of officials for the purpose of performing certain tasks in the public and private structure, which is a task beyond their official duties and that the purpose of obtaining from it any income for their personal interests and others”.

In continuation of the issue discussing the election of the chairman of the primary organization and nomination of the delegate to the district conference, with unanimous voting of the members of the organization Odinayev Khurshed was elected the chairman of the primary organization and a delegate to the 28th district conference.  


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