Барои ваҳдати миллӣ, сулҳу оромӣ, суботи сиёсӣ, созандагиву ободонӣ, рушди устувори иқтисодӣ ва зиндагии шоистаи мардум!


KHUROSON. Within the Year of increasing civil responsibility

As part of the schedule of political readings on the practical implementation of the party action “We decide together!” yesterday  was held , a meeting at the primary organization “Idorai ob”  with participation of senior officials of Executive Committee of PDPT in Khuroson district around the priorities of PDPT.    

Promoting the instructions and orders of the top Leadership of PDPT, the responsible parties noted that one of the important issues of the day is access of people of the planet to drinking water, which in most countries of the world the inhabitants lack drinking water. Fortunately, we, the glorious Tajik people, will be able to enjoy this priceless grace of world without any obstacles. On that basis, we need to make effective use of every drop of drinking water and value it.    

Other aspects of the priority activities of PDPT were also considered, it was also noted that the friendship of the Motherland and the achievement of these values is of great importance.  

After the political reading in the framework of the party action “We decide together” with the financial support of residents, the pumping station №26 of the territory of Ghallaobod rural Jamoat was repaired and the residents expressed their gratitude for this initiative.


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